Cover: Andrew Wulf /

1.Braak & Zimpzon - North
2.E-Motive - Before the Flood
3.The Haiku Project - Nebula
4.Luna Lounge - Pyramids and Shadows
5.aLone feat Anfield - Come to You
6.Eric Senn - Horus (Orchestral Mix)
7.The Orange - Anywhere Anytime Is You 
8.Sunyata Project - Sagariha
9.2 Placid - Return from Angkor Wat
10.Lemongrass - Dragon Flight
11.Spheria - Don't Forget Me (Riversilvers Remix)
12.Diario - What I Would Miss About You
13.Ficture - I Let It (Instrumental Version)
14.Bryan Milton & Natune - Let Love Live (S.A.T Sunrise Remix)
15.Adina Butar - Right In The Night (Chillout Mix) 

Cover: Tamara Menzi /

1.Puremusic - Closer (SineRider Remix)
2.Jani R - A Thousand Flares
3.Roberto Galla - Lost World
4.Falkonis - Crybot
5.Kaxamalka - Dream Beach
6.Akoviani - Ancienne
7.Buddha - Sanskrit Morning
8.Sunyata Project - Mystic Adventures
9.Aeon Waves - One Day I'll Be Gone (Forever) 
10.Nils Frahm - Me (Mombi Vocal Rework)
11.Betty Lagachette - Les Histoires
12.Chronos - Woodchip
13.Mirage of Deep - Urban Forest
14.AkizzBeatzz - Caravane A FeS
15.Alexander Volosnikov - Meerleucht

Cover: Noom Peerapong /

This is The Anniversary Edition of the Chill Out Session. 7 Years, 300 Episodes. Including my favourite inspirational movie soundtracks. Thank you for supporting me all these years.

1. Hans Zimmer - The Mole (Dunkirk)
2. Jónsi - Why Not (We Bought a Zoo)
3. Thomas Newman - Route 12 (Revolutionary Road)
4. Samuel Barber - Adagio For Strings (Platoon)
5. Erik Satie - Gnossienne No. 1 (The Painted Veil)
6. Vangelis - Love Theme (Blade Runner)
7. Dario Marianelli - Evey Reborn (V For Vendetta)
8. Nils Fram - Them (Victoria)
9. Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules - Mad World (Donnie Darko)
10. Dario Marianelli - Epilogue (Everest)
11. Alexandre Desplat - The Shape of Water (The Shape of Water)
12. Alexandre Desplat - Lily 's Theme (Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part II)
13. Klaus Badelt, Lisa Gerrard - Sorrow (Gladiator)
14. Lisa Gerrard - The End (Man on Fire)
15. Hammock - Eliel (Columbus)
16. Sigur Rós - Varðeldur (Captain Fantastic)
17. Harry Gregson Williams - Crossing Mars (Mars)
18. Mike Mogis & Nathaniel Walcott - Ambulance (the Fault in Our Stars)
19. Johann Johannsson - Flares (Mercy)
20. Thomas Newman - Passengers (Passengers)
21. Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love (Call Me by Your Name)
22. Klaus Badelt, Lisa Gerrard - Elysium (Gladiator)
23. Henry Jackman - Aftermath (The 5th Wave)
24. Gustavo Santaolalla, Alan Umstead - All Gone / No Escape (The Last of Us)
25. Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day (Trainspotting)
26. Brian Tyler - Into Eternity (Thor 2 - The Dark World)
27. Lisa Gerrard - Elegy (Man of Steel - Trailer)
28. Thomas Newman - American Beauty (American Beauty)
29. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d un autre ete, l apres Midi (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain)  
30. Harry Gregson Williams - Mars (Mars)
31. Johann Sebastian Bach - Air 'On The G String' (Se7en)
32. Hans Zimmer - Memory (Blade Runner 2049)
33. John Williams - Theme from Schindler s List (Schindler List)
34. Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio In G Minor (The Trial)
35. James Newton Howard - The Gravel Road (The Village)
36. Junkie XL - Queen Gorgo (300)
37. Hans Zimmer - Injection (Mission Impossible 2)
38. Hans Zimmer - Joi (Blade Runner 2049)
39. John Murphy - Adagio in D Minor (Sunshine)
40. Hans Zimmer - Goodbye My Son (Man of Steel)
41. Vangelis - Rachel's Song (Blade Runner)
42. Hans Zimmer  - Time (Inception)
43. Mychael Danna - Tsimtsum (Life of Pi)
44. M83 - Holograms (You and the Night  Les rencontres d'après Minuit)
45. CUTS - Bunsen Burner (Ex Machina)
46. Hans Zimmer - 2049 (Blade Runner 2049)
47. Jóhann Jóhannsson - Kangaru (Arrival)
48. Marcelo Zarvos - Gabriel's Trumpet (Fences)
49. James Newton Howard - Noah Visits (The Village)
50. Jónsi - Snærisendar (We Bought a Zoo)
51. Olafur Arnalds - The Apple of my Eye (Gimme Shelter)
52. Rob Simonsen - Staten Island (Nerve)
53. Ennio Morricone -The Man with the Harmonica (Once upon a time in the West)
54. Thomas Newman - Dead Already (American Beauty)
55. Above & Beyond - Surge (Ghost in the Shell)
56. Atticus Ross - Panoramic (The Book of Eli)
57. Andy Hull and Robert McDowell - Don't Tell Sarah (Swiss Army Man)
58. Hans Zimmer - Dream is Collapsing (Inception)
59. Denez Prigent, Lisa Gerrard - Gortoz A Ran J'Attends (Black Hawk Down)
60. James Newton Howard - Prologue (Lady in the Water)
61. Hans Zimmer - Idyll's End (The Last Samurai)
62. Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight (Shutter Island)
63. Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball (Eyes Wide Shut)
64. Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (American Beauty)
65. Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
66. Daft Punk - Adagio for TRON (TRON- Legacy)
67. Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna (Requiem For A Dream)
68. Clint Mansell - Summer Overture (Requiem For A Dream)
69. John Murphy - 28 Theme (28 Weeks Later)

Cover: Todd Diemer /

1.Caner Soyberk - Sunshine
2.Euphonic Traveller - Crescent Bay
3.Twentyeight - Apparitions
4.Philippe El Sisi feat. Sue McLaren - Haunted (Zetandel Chill Out Mix)
5.Puch - To Live Without You 
6.Lence & Pluton feat. Irina Makosh - Never Too Late (Chill Mix)
7.Herbie Clarke - Sleeper
8.Phelian - Tempest
9.Robert Scharnke - The Journey
10.Amethyste - Moonrise
11.Jani R - By Your Side 
12.Flaer Smin feat. InWinter - Breathing of Love (Arctica Mix)
13.ElDera - Secret Signs

1.Openzone Bar - Lifestyle
2.Alexander S. Karlov - Sex With Yoga Girl
3.PNFA - From Sunrise To Sunrise
4.Dominik Pointvogl - Pista Azzura
5.Castlebed - Elementary
6.Mahoroba - Heavens Flow (Secrets Air Cut)
7.James Butler - Blue Sky
8.Jan Amit - Liage
9.Puremusic - Dreams
10.Lemongrass - Deep Forest
11.Aether - Onsra
12.Echochamber - Nimbus
13.Ivo Deutschmann - Floating Souls
14.Puremusic - Tatchi 
15.Marsbeing - Beam
16.Carbon Based Lifeforms - RCA
17.Rykard - Elevate (PROMO)

Promo Contact

Rykard a.k.a. Rick Wearing is an Electronic musician from Preston, UK signed under the Los Angeles based label Hunya Munya Records.
Rykard's latest album Night Towers releases April 17th, 2018 on digital formats with limited CD's available for purchase shortly after.
Rykard has a similar sound to Tycho, Ulrich Schnauss and Boards of Canada, but has his own signature vibration combining hip-hop instrumental rhythms with atmospheric melodies. We hope you enjoy his latest release, and thank you for your time.

Cover: Steinar Engeland /

1.Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston - Always 
2.Li'lith - Sunsary
3.Andrea Bacci - Invisible Kite
4.Peter Pearson - Silent Space
5.LasImagenes - Anna
6.Puremusic - Creation
7.Sean Hayman - See Of Love  (Whisper Mix)
8.L'Art Mystique - China White (Ibiza Spa Mix)
9.UCP Berlin - Mistress of the Night
10.Jani R - Colorless Plains
11.Syntheticsax - Moments
12.ERA - Agnus Deorem
13.Fisherman & Hawkins - Underworld (Chillout Mix) 
14.Logophilia - Pod of Dolphins
15.Earth Connect - Over Ending (PROMO)

Promo Contact
m1cr0rgan1sm is An organic psychedelic chill out album by Earth Connect.
Inspired by nature, receiving earth wisdom.
Guided by the energy flow, translating it into sounds.
Connecting to higher levels through Earth, as We are all part of it.
The album m1cr0rgan1sm is about the beginning of life, the process of seeding life and developing life forms.

Cover: Valeriy Andrushko /

1.Aether - Onsra
2.Sasha Kolobenin feat. Katya Burova - Lyubimaya
3.Hotel Stereo - Morning Dew (Sunrise Mix)
4.Normandie - Legacy
5.Sebastian Strzesniewski - Islas Santanilla
6.Amethyste - Lake of the Clouds
7.Svendaq - Harmonies and Prayers
8.Puremusic - Cloud Sanctuary
9.Sinerider - A Self Portrait
10.Sibewest - Afterworld
11.Palence - Scarp
12.Alivvve - Feel 
13.Germind - Pages Of Life
14.Peter Pearson - Infatuation 
15.Georgy Om - Vina
16.Bianco Soleil - Maybe Friends (Chill Version)
17.Nacho Sotomayor - Beginning II (PROMO)
18.Nacho Sotomayor - Running to anywhere (PROMO)

Promo Contact
Nacho Sotomayor , musician and producer of extensive professional experience and international recognition, for over a decade has been offering us a nearly annual installment of his album series « La Roca ». His work has been oriented almost in its totality to Ambient Chill, Downtempo, Lounge sounds, although it’s worth mentioning that he’s also done some productions in other areas and for other artists.
 In 2008 he received the award for The Best Electronic Music Theme for his track » Untiltled for a guitar« (from his album »Interior«, Absolut Ambient, 2008) in the XIII music awards granted by the Music Academy
of Arts and Sciences.
 Essential in any compilation as Buddha Bar (Paris) or Café del Mar (Ibiza) in whose 2003 world tour Nacho Sotomayor took part of.
 Together with Francisco Sotomayor they’ve been directing for years their Absolut Ambient label through which they have developed projects for companies such as National Geographics, Giorgo Armani or the American film and television producer HBO (»Six feet under«).
 More than 12 albums, dozens of productions, hundreds of remixes, and numerous projects in different fields make Nacho Sotomayor one of the most influential and important contemporary popular music musicians both nationally and internationally.

Cover: Morre Christophe /

1.Cheap Sunglasses - Sunrise (Chillout Mix)
2.Sad Radio on Cassini - July
3.Nato Medrado - Soulless
4.Albert St. Barth feat. Lady Janet - Café au Lait 
5.Nikolya - The End Of Journey
6.Domestic Technology - Prometheus (Cinematic Mix)
7.Soty - Mind Games
8.Enrico Donner - Modern Identities
9.Dominik Pointvogl - Coral Suite
10.Airstream - Cosmic Evolution (Dark Space Mix)
11.Smooth Deluxe - Wonderful Micronesia
12.Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Back in Space
13.May Nero - Energy For Zen
14.Nightzoom - The Last Meeting (Vocal Chill Lounge Mix)

Cover: Elijah Hail /

1.Faro - Shape of Sense
2.Prana Tones - Lost in Japan
3.Sandsun - Magic
4.Peter Pearson - Magic Cloud
5.Relaxea - Lotus Eater
6.Sieren & Synkro - Lost You
7.Kasstedy - Morning In Zion
8.James Braddell - Standstill
9.Lyves - Darkest Hour
10.Gordon Geco - The Return of the Guardians
11.Orion & J.Shore - Deep Blue (Tokyo Boulevard Chillout Remix)
12.Castlebed - New Era
13.Han Tronic - Tea Del Mar
14.Monodeluxe - Keep On Rocking 

Cover: Warren Wong /

1.Approaching Black - Nadi 
2.Doors In The Sand - True Story (Chillout Mix)
3.Roberto Sol feat. Ines Prados - Nube De Agua
4.Alexander S. Karlov - Neon Mask
5.Sad Radio on Cassini - Light Feelings
6.Vibraphile - It's Just Another Blue Sky
7.Ailo - Avaton
8.Minka - Dreamworld
9.Yantra Mantra - Dharma Lounge
10.Lemongrass - Mystery Sky
11.Zadar - Exploring Baja
12.Mvllla - Darewish
13.Artenovum - Dream Away (Deep Moods Chillout Mix)
14.D. Batistatos - For All I Know (PROMO)

Dimitris was born in Piraeus (Greece) in 1981 and then moved with his family to Lemnos. There he lived until 1998.
At the age of 11, he took trumpet and guitar lessons at the harmony central conservatory of Myrina, Lemnos. At the same time he was taught saxophone.
At the age of 15, he formed his first band "Ektos Sxediou". In the year 2000, he joined the army.
He became a musician in the army orchestra. Since May 2002, he became a citizen and he started doing sound engineering for a few groups. He has finished his studies on music technology and sound engineering at I.I.E.K Akmi & at Preston University and took his bachelor diploma in music technology.
His cooperation with Unicorn Music and Cosmicleaf Records started in May 2003. After several releases and collaborations with other artists, he created his first personal album named ''Architect'' in 2007 ,which was followed by two other albums ''Weeper On the Shore'' in 2009 and "Sunhine Velvet" in 2012.
You can also find his name in numerous commercial songs from famous Greek singers like Elena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas, Anna Vissi, Panos Kiamos, Giorgos Tsalikis, Xryspa and many other popular artists.