Cover: Eddie Hooiveld /

1.Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey - Symphony Of Soul (Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix)
2.Seven24 - Meganom
3.MyPlaceInYourSpace - About U
4.Pensees - Morray
5.Eskadet - Susheel 
6.Vitaly Panin - Book of Life
7.All India Radio - Sunburst
8.Jack-o'-Lantern - Wonderful Times
9.Autumn Storm - Black Apple
10.Hear My Soul - Connected
11.Vitaly Tarasuk - A Beautiful Story
12.Tom Strobe - Loveless
13.defussion. - Be With U
14.Foxwedding - The Killing Of A Giant
15.Deep Forest - Katharina
16.Alivvve - Reminescence

Cover: Annie Spratt /

1.Blank & Jones feat. Coralie Clement - J'en Reste La
2.Puremusic - Twilight
3.Dshyll - Be Mine
4.Ani Yun Wiya - God Made Me An Indian
5.Drew Cox - Lake in Autumn
6.Cafe Americaine - Seaview (Open Sea Mix)
7.Ocean Mind - Blue Geisha
8.Roberto Bronco - Spirit
9.Gordon Geco - Frequencys
10.Florito - Feel So Good 
11.Airstream - Land of Dreams (Escape Mix)
12.Yantra Mantra - Oasis of Calm
13.Soleil Fisher - Daydreaming (Chill Mix)
14.The Broken Orchestra - Hands Untied (PROMO)
15.The Broken Orchestra - Blinded (PROMO)

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Cover: Katie Treadway /

1.Sunyata Project - Pai Mu Tan
2.Dub Mars - I Can't Believe
3.Guna Nada Das - Om Namah Shivaya
4.Owen Ear - Expectation
5.Peter Pearson - With You 
6.Moonnight & Angel Falls - Love Is The Key 
7.Radion6 & Katty Heath - Beautiful Nothing (Moonnight Remix)
8.Bryan Milton - Be with You
9.Sub Orchestra - We Both (Faberlique Lounge Remix)
10.Eskadet - Erance Nocturne
11.Koan - Blind Theolatry (Condemned Mix Part.1)
12.Marie Therese feat. Hal McMillen - Endless Time
13.Marco Allevi - Seeing with the Mind's Eye

Cover: Julian Alexander /

1.Thomas Lemmer - Traveller (Setsuna Remix)
2.Peter Orbit - Dark Side of the Moon
3.Joefish - Moon Dance
4.Ethereal Moments - Rejuvenation
5.Puch - To Live Without You
6.Tom Strobe - In Your Eyes 
7.Jani R - Fragile Shell
8.Puremusic - Creation
9.Puremusic - Take A Seat And Relax
10.Ethereal Moments - Salutations to the Sun
11.Michael E - Caravan
12.Amethyste - Time Is Still
13.Sibewest - They're Long Gone
14.Pensees - Morfin
15.Dmitry Lee'O feat. Svetlana Silverfoxx - Like a Sky

Cover: livin4wheel /

1.White Living Room - Open (Chasing Dreams Remix)
2.Premasara Council - Hidden Intentions
3.Marc Hartman - People of Beijing
4.Robyn Goodall - Chaturanga
5.Gordon Geco - The Reset
6.Miraflores - Waves Of Love
7.Exquisite Frame - Purity of Taste
8.Hamam Mounier - Oriental Wellness (Island Of Harmony Mix)
9.Club Divine - Multi-Lingual
10.Marcel - Love And Desire
---Mixed Vibes | Chill Mini Mix ---
11.TRX N TRPS - Water Lilly (PROMO)
12.TRX N TRPS - Back To The Start (PROMO)
13.TRX N TRPS - So Fine (PROMO)
14.TRX N TRPS - Hishaku (PROMO)
15.TRX N TRPS - Trees (PROMO)
16.TRX N TRPS - Jaded (PROMO)
17.TRX N TRPS - Piller (PROMO)

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Cover: Adrien Coquet /

1.Satevis - The Carburator
2.Jani R - By Your Side
3.Acote - Sidewalk
4.Five Seasons - River Talk
5.Alexander S. Karlov - Eternal
6.Jim Fooga - Taucher
7.Marco Allevi - Dream of Jaipur
8.Jane Maximova - Clouds
9.Alone - One
10.Frank Borell - Tiefenrausch (Nautilus Mix)
11.Moduleset - Verge Inverse
12.Puremusic - The Great 
13.Entheogenic - Dreamtime Physics
14.Alter Nature - Beauty Lies
15.Saby O' - Timesphere

Cover: Joao Silas /

1.Peter Pearson - Desert Breeze
2.Fa Nur - Spring Wave
3.Ficture - Turned At Once 
4.Jazzamor - He's Not There
5.Mo'jardo - Tequila Days
6.Orion & J.Shore - Oasis (Stray Theories Remix)
7.Memoire & Bliss - Painting Imagination
8.Lucien - Potographique
9.Kilavista - Sweet Dreams
10.Robert Scharnke - Between Faded Raindrops
11.Puremusic - Unbelievable
12.Steen Thottrup - Missing U (A Tribute To The Sun)
13.Changer - Golden Gates (Chill Out Mix)
14.ElektroBin - Her Eyes (PROMO)

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Cover: Dawid Zawila /

1.Bella Element - Garudasana
2.Johannes Huppertz - A Moment That Won't Last
3.Katun - Shout
4.Derrick - Just To Be
5.Collioure - Child Again
6.Robin Mahler - Song of the Whale
7.Unfabled - Solitude
8.Harmonium - My Sea 
9.The Soul Elephant - Nobody 2K17
10.Phonokinetics - Astral Fluctuating Garden
11.The Sura Quintet - Walking On the Sand
12.Jack-o'-Lantern - My Kingdom 
13.Robyn Goodall - Yoga Mindfulness
14.Peter Pearson - Surfing the Ether
15.Ventures - Stay
16.Tranquillo - As Days Go By 

Cover: Brina Blum /

1.Delerium - Made To Move
2.Wilton De Grey - Premadhara: The Stream of Love (Orchestral Version)
3.Chimea - Look At the Stars (Vocal Lounge Mix)
4.Robyn Goodall - Vinyasa
5.Rey Salinero - Un Dios
6.Peter Pearson - Calming Influences
7.David Caron - A Quiet Passing
8.Consolerctrl - Dream
9.Newton - Morningstar
10.Stimulus Timbre - Euphoria
11.Hirudo - Feel Like Flying (One More Love Mix)
12.Fourth Dimension - Singularity
13.Sunyata Project - Samadhi State

Cover: Ivan Levchenko /

1.Drift - Ember (Rem-Ember Mix)
2.Lowxy - Ashes
3.Hotel Stereo - Morning Dew
4.Koda - Mikis
5.Dukow - Sorrow (Ambient Mix)
6.ElDera - Metro 
7.Sunyata Project, Revena - Spirit Of Ashram
8.Peter Pearson - Eastern Promise
9.Red Buddha - Veena Bhangra
10.2 Placid - Return from Angkor Wat
11.Lemongrass - Sacred Dreams
12.Yin and Yang - Eastward
13.Puremusic - Planet Earth
14.Eguana - Colony of Clots