Cover : Emile Séguin /

First Hour / Regular Chill Out Episode
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Vladi Strecker - My Old Vinyl (Happy Day Mix)
2.Francesco Digilio - Divine
3.Georgy Om - Beginning
4.Peter Pearson - With All My Heart
5.Collective Sound Members - Scenes from the Past
6.Solimano - Urban Sounds
7.Escadia - Homecoming
8.Ambient North - Dark Keys 
9.Fascinating Case - The Sea & The Mirror
10.Sunbather - Inspiration
11.Eulenspiegel - Love Beams
12.Corrado Saija - Un Doux Sommeil
13.Pier-O - Promenade
14.Marga Sol - Underwater 

Secondary Hour / Eguana / Special Mix
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Eguana - Relax Your Body
2.Eguana - Wandering Soul
3.Eguana - Puddles Of Autumn
4.Eguana - In The Woods
5.Eguana - Frozen Heart
6.Eguana - Morning City
7.Eguana - On The Edge Of The World
8.Eguana - Cozy Courtyard
9.Eguana - Walking On Atlantis
10.Eguana - The Sacred Memories
11.Eguana - Vacuum Gardens
12.Eguana - The Heart Of A Molecule

Artist of the Week : Eguana (RU)

Eguana (real name Sergey Severin) is a Russian music producer, making music in different genres from 1994. For the last 9 years Eguana relased more than 20 solo albums at Cosmicleaf Records and Plexus Music record labels.

From the author (of the album Infinity):
In its draft Eguana I try to stick with categorical framework in music. I write music that reflects my mood, my emotions. And it is not always the case that our soul on the debt comes in stable condition. It is like the weather, always changing. And with this change in us is changing and the environment. Sometimes she can be aggressive, sometimes soothing. But in fact, nothing happened, all cover those things around us, all the exact same country in which we live, family, work. But feel it's always different. This is reflected in my music. And this album also changed in relation to the previous album «My Dreams» and «Mantra». He again became quiet, deep and cosmic. He is the same as the album «Eternity» without drums, all music is built on the space decays, atmospheric sounds and of course on the elements of Eastern culture..
Eguana – calm music that has its own storyline, where each track is a new tale, quite minor and lyric
Label: Cosmicleaf Records / Plexus Music

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© All Rights Reserved by Eguana

Cover : Felix Besombes /

First Hour / Regular Ambient Episode
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Eugene Kushner - Infinite Thinker
2.Justin Walter - Unseen Forces
3.Brian Eno - Signals
4.Coupler - A Plain of Reeds
5.Rival Consoles - Memory Arc
6.Moby - Not Sensitive
7.Dmitry Lee'O - Along The Lake
8.Loscil - Anthropocene
9.Stars of the Lid - Don't Bother They're Here
10.Jon Hopkins - Abandon Window
11.Olan Mill - A Heavy Leg Cycle
12.Sarah Davachi - Evensong
13.Moby - Homeward Angel
14.Biosphere - You Want To See It Too
15.Lowercase Noises - Silence of Siberia

Secondary Hour / Listening Mirror / Special Mix
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Listening Mirror - Awake But Still Adrift
2.Listening Mirror - The Leechpool
3.Listening Mirror feat. Alicia Merz - Silent Night
4.Listening Mirror - Wet Roads
5.Listening Mirror - Without Saying Goodbye
6.Listening Mirror feat. Birds of Passage - Mixtli Sleeps
7.Listening Mirror - Incandescent Coral
8.Listening Mirror - We Are Alone, But You Never Will Be
9.Listening Mirror - Panoramor
10.Listening Mirror - Even in the Quietest Moments
11.Listening Mirror - The Organist
12.Listening Mirror - Outside Heaven

Artist of the Week : Listening Mirror (UK)
Formed as a duo at the end of 2009, by the end of 2010 Listening Mirror had become the solo project of Jeff Stonehouse.
He started to make and develop sound in the early 1980's, inspired by the Post-Punk and Industrial movements of that time. Jeff has released material on record labels such as Somehow Recordings, Bathetic Records, Hibernate Records, Entropy Records and has worked with the unique artist like Kate Tustain, Alicia Merz (Birds Of Passage) and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel.
Listening Mirror's original manifesto was to 'use sound as a defence against itself'.

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© All Rights Reserved by Listening Mirror

Cover : Matt Le /

First Hour / Regular Chill Out Episode
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Persia Beatz - Sha Hai (Morgenland Miles Cut)
2.Roberto Bronco feat. Chris Brauer - Dolphins
3.Harold Alexis - Soundscape To Paris
4.Azeotrop - Gentle Voices
5.The Ghetto Project - The Ghetto (Alternative Mix)
6.Lazypojke - Morning In Viareggio
7.Mahoroba - Warm Memories (Sunny Day Mix)
8.Blank & Jones - Feel Like Makin' Love 
9.Music of the Earth - Slow Jam
10.Lemongrass - Feel Good
11.Catherine feat. Blugazer & Blue Symmetry - Take Me With You (SineRider Remix)
12.Mystery Kids - Walk On Clouds
13.Ciyou - Alright (Funky Downbeat Mix)
14.Spiridion - Unauthorized Discoveries
15.Openzone Bar - Seven Seas
16.Billy Esteban - Buddha

Secondary Hour / Yantra Mantra / Special Mix
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Yantra Mantra - Pah Dhi Tum Nam
2.Yantra Mantra - Tumkaha Ke To 
3.Yantra Mantra - Samadhi
4.Yantra Mantra - Kumbh Mela
5.Yantra Mantra - Samudra Mathan
6.Yantra Mantra - Oasis Of Calm
7.Yantra Mantra - Pharvari
8.Yantra Mantra - Early Morning Fog
9.Yantra Mantra - Borderland
10.Yantra Mantra - Trishna
11.Yantra Mantra - Norito Bar (Chandini Mix) 
12.Yantra Mantra - Dharma Lounge
13.Yantra Mantra - Raga Prana
14.Yantra Mantra - Caravanserai 
15.Yantra Mantra - The Mystic Garden
16.Yantra Mantra - Ek Din

Artist of the Week : Yantra Mantra (DE)

For variable justified genres the musician and producer Volker Förster requires different projekt names which are: Stargazer (Lounge with Saxophone), Frame by Frame (Ethno, Chill Out) - Velvet Birds (Mediteranean) - Yantra Mantra (Asia Style) - By the Way (Vocal Lounge) - C.A.V.O.K (Chillout)
Songs produced by Stargazer Music can be found on famous compilation like Bar Lounge Classics, Erotic Lounge, Sylt Vol. 1-8, on many other diffent albums published by Electric Lounge, Diventa Music and Tyranno Lounge. The following albums appeared since 2012. Yantra Mantra - Chandinu Buddha Lounge Vol. 1-3 and Stargazer - Lounge Tunes Vol. 1 and 2. They are available at the iTunes Store, Amazon, Beatport etc.
Label: Diventa Music

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© All Rights Reserved by Yantra Mantra

Cover: Todd Diemer /

Best OF Chill Out Session 2018 (top 30 tracks from Episode 282 - 330)
Thank you for supporting me in this year! 

1.Rue du Soleil - We Can Fly
2.Der Waldläufer - Water Moon
3.Jani R - A Thousand Flares
4.Akoviani - Ancienne
5.Gordon Geco - Pulse of Ibiza
6.Albert St. Barth feat. Lady Janet - Café au Lait 
7.Cheap Sunglasses - Sunrise (Chillout Mix)
8.Eskadet - Solitudes
9.Enrico Donner - Modern Identities
10.Luis Vaquero - Open Your Eyes
11.Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Back in Space
12.Mirage of Deep - Urban Forest
13.Approaching Black - Nadi 
14.Doors In The Sand - True Story (Chillout Mix)
15.Lemongrass - Mystery Sky
16.Changer - Golden Gates (Chill Out Mix)
17.Doug Kidder - Tranquility
18.Amethyste - Someday
19.Big Black Delta - Brookes was here2a
20.Peter Pearson - Eastern Promise
21.A Windget Victory for the Sullen - Atomos VI
22.Tom Strobe - In Your Eyes
23.Akoviani - Nens de la Terra
24.The Sura Quintet - Endless Horizon
25.Gordon Geco - Gaja Returns
26.Moby - My Weakness
27.A Reminiscent Drive - Life Is Beautiful
28.Miwon - They Leave in Autumn
29.Kiln - Centrifu
30.Sigur Rós - Ekki Múkk

Cover: Liam Mckay /

Chillhop Christmas Special
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

1.Ian Ewing - 4:21pm
2.Leavv - Lacuna
3.Juan RIOS - Colores
4.Robot Orchestra - GoldenBrown
5.Nymano - i wish i could sleep
6.Philanthrope - Things Fall Apart
7.Gorila - Dus
8.Philanthrope - Aspiration
9.The Cancel - Can't You See
10.Bonus Points - Hold Please
11.Flitz&Suppe - Sailing Above
12.Nymano - Sorry
13.Kupla - Spacesuits
14.Leavv - Within
15.Robot Orchestra - Keep Me Warm
16.Guggenz - Can't Forget You
17.Bonus Points - Hammock Days
18.The Cancel - Point
19.L'Indécis - Her
20.Ian Ewing - Trinidad
21.Brock Berrigan - Owl Farm
22.Mono:Massive - Attila
23.Khudosoul feat. Birocratic - Something Between Us
24.Deeb - Bridges
25.Philanthrope - Isolation
26.Figub Brazlevic - Father & Son
27.Deeb - Theme From Endless Sunset
28.Juan RIOS - Pine Trees
29.Philanthrope X Kupla - Cycles
30.Birocratic - Castles In My Cup
31.GlobulDub - Hinterlands
32.FloFilz - Quintal
33.GYVUS - Koi
34.Devaloop x Flitz&Suppe - Sacrifice
35.Aso - Sun In My Face
36.Nymano x Pandrezz - You should have known
37.Psalm/Trees - Prayer
38.Deeb - Palm Parallels
39.Mono:Massive - Blue Dawn
40.Birocratic - At Most
41.Guggenz - Break Even
42.Mecca:83 - Foundation
43.Birocratic - Tony's Belated Breakfast
44.Bonus Points - Long Exposure
45.Joakim Karud - Canals
46.Jeff Kaale - Footsteps
47.Mtbrd - Damn Fine Coffee
48.FloFilz - Lucie
49.GYVUS - Lemon Tea
50.Guggenz - This Love I've Met
51.Handbook - Come Close
52.Vanilla - Too Much
53.Poldoore - Vista
54.Aso - Ultra Violet
55.L'indécis - Le Sud
56.Tesk - First Lights
57.QSTN - Me 2 You
58.Mo Anando - In Bloom
59.Phoniks - Touchdown
60.Ao Logics - Cat N Johnny

Cover: Michal Kmet /

1.Francesco Banchini, Louisa John Krol, Lys - Shofar (Inner Mix) 
2.Vidia Wesenlund - Byssan Lull, Koka Kittelen Full
3.Chinmaya Dunster - Goddess Evocation
4.Djivan Gasparyan - You Have To Come Back To Me
5.Lisa Gerrard, Patrick Cassidy - I Asked For Love
6.Drala - Home Again
7.Ashana, Thomas Barquee - Soulmerge
8.Terry Oldfield - Earth  Sky
9.Abandoned Toys - The Witch's Garden (Prelude)
10.Levon Minassian - Yeraz (Reverie)
11.Levon Minassian - Tchinares
12.Stellamara - Immrama
13.Suzanne Teng - Breath of Love
14.Sea Oleena - Portugal
15.Armand Amar - Bab' Aziz
16.Lisa Gerrard - Elysium
17.Levon Minassian - Hol Ara Yeze
18.Deva Premal - Incantation
19.Jane Winther - Om Mani Padme Hum 1
20.Armand Amar - Poeam Of The Atoms II
21.Frans Bak - Prologue
22.Jonathan Goldman feat. Tina Malia - The Divine Name I Am
23.Sainkho Namtchylak feat. Djivan Gasparyan - Naked Spirit

Cover: Sandra Ahn Mode /

1.Levon Minassian & Armand Amar - Ar Intch Lav Er
2.Arto Tuncboyaciyan - Hoonk (Incense)
3.Stellamara - Prituri Se Planinata
4.Levon Minassian & Armand Amar - Hovern Engan
5.Deuter - Temple Of Silence
6.Vas - Unbecome
7.Lisa Gerrard - Adrift
8.Levon Minassian - Im Ayrogh Veuchlitz
9.Sufi Music Ensemble - Himma
10.Karunesh - Calling Wisdom
11.Levon Minassian & Armand Amar - Araksi Artassouken
12.Jocelyn Pook - Dionysus
13.MC Yogi - Shanti (Peace Out)
14.Armand Amar - Whales
15.Craig Kohland & Shaman's Dream - Prana
16.Dhafer Youssef - Birds Canticum "Birds Requiem" Suite
17.Jami Sieber - Maenam
18.Craig Pruess & Ananda - Devi Prayer
19.Shantala - Ganesha Invocation
20.Armand Amar - La Genese
21.Suzanne Sterling - Sivasana (Surrender)

Cover: Markus Lompa /

1.Sigur Rós - Ekki Múkk
2.Simon Bainton - Range
3.Moby - Snowball
4.Biosphere - Departed Glories
5.Nils Frahm - Them
6.William Basinski - Melancholia II
7.Pausal - Vapour
8.Kyle Bobby Dunn - Empty Gazing
9.Dirty Beaches - Displaced
10.Grouper - I'm Clean Now
11.Phaeleh - Oceans
12.SineRider - The Snow Turned To Rain
13.Biosphere - Antennaria
14.Hushed - Soft Rains
15.Jónsi and Alex - Happiness
16.Fabio Orsi - Part Four
17.Mike Lazarev, Arovane - Footsteps 
18.Listening Mirror - Outside Heaven
19.Brambles - Salt Photographs
20.Pan American - Lights on Water
21.Helios - Isostacy
22.Tim Hecker - Music For Tundra, Part 1
23.Slow Meadow - Blue Aubade
24.Nest - Tides
25.Moby - LA3
26.Thomas Köner - Ilira

Cover: Tasi Zoltan /

1.Jesse Woolston - Weave
2.Aphex Twin - Nanou 2
3.Moby - Rockets
4.Pillowdiver - Eleven
5.Chihei Hatakeyama - Sad Ocean
6.Bengalfuel - Wetlands
7.William Basinski - Melancholia VI 
8.Fabio Orsi - Part One
9.Alonefold - Tidal Sky Drift
10.Pleq - Good Night (Segue Remix)
11.Biosphere - Chukhung
12.Kyle Bobby Dunn - In Praise Of Tears
13.Higuma - Pacific Temple
14.Absolute Criminals - Crucial
15.Les Halles - First Horizon
16.A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos III
17.Jesse Woolston - Winter
18.Oneohtrix Point Never - Months
19.Hammock - Cliffside 
20.Deadmau5 - Strobe (OV)
21.Billow Observatory - Calumet
22.Sakamoto, Fennesz - Oto
23.Grouper - Disengaged
24.Caspian - Separation No. 2 
25.Hilyard - Surrender
26.Olan Mill - Flume
27.The American Dollar - Stood In Highland Winds

Cover: Andrew Preble /

1.Mazzy Star - Into Dust
2.Hollow Coves - Ran Away 
3.Larch - In Full Bloom 
4.Jaws Of Love - Jaws Of Love 
5.Japanese Breakfast - Road Head
6.Martin Luke Brown - Into Yellow 
7.Henry Green - Electric Feel 
8.Phosphorescent - Wolves 
9.The Clientele - Reflections After Jane
10.Lists - Haven Lea 
11.Cat Power - Sea Of Love 
12.Scott Orr - Always Everything 
13.Wovoka Gentle - All Exterior Dark 
14.Sleep Thieves - Out Of The Darkness 
15.Slowdive - Slomo 
16.Goldfrapp - Lovely Head 
17.Fine Isles - This Town 
18.Tom Speight - Old Flame 
19.Ben Howard - Promise 
20.Hanging Valleys - Fundamentals
21.Lowrie - Another Trip Around The Sun 
22.Maxence Cyrin - Where Is My Mind
23.Talos - This Is Us Colliding
24.Moses Sumney - Don't Bother Calling
25.Post Animal - One Thing 
26.RYD - Alter 
27.South Cove  - Storm 
28.Thom Yorke - Suspirium 
29.Cattle  Cane - Love On Your Hands 
30.Radiohead - You And Whose Army
31.Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James Mcalister - Mercury 
32.London Grammar - Strong 
33.Matt Spicer  - Build You A Home 
34.Joel Porter - Amaranthine 
35.Mazzy Star - Fade Into You