Cover: Jeremy Bishop /

1.Shingo Nakamura - Hakodate (Sinerider Remix)
2.Golden Tone Radio - Into the Skin
3.John Teki - Unseely
4.Moby - Graciosa
5.Puremusic - Unsaid 
6.City Lies - Haunted 
7.Dub Mars - What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me
8.Delectatio - Stories
9.Prana Tones - Deep Relaxation Tunes
10.Island Sun - Space Revolt (The Lonley Hunter Mix) 
11.Living Room feat. Zen Space - Liebe
12.Ronny Starr - One Off (Petite Boutique's Fashion Mix)
13.Igor Pantereech - No Chance
14.Bananaquit - Hold Me Up
15.FnTm - Soothe Me (PROMO)

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Cover: Daniel Olah /

1.Koda - Hands
2.Mo'jardo - Forgive Me
3.Gordon Geco - Awake
4.Roberto Sol - Short Days
5.351 Lake Shore Drive - Fuji-San
6.Cephalonya - Kefren's Garden
7.R.I.B. & Cari - Escape To You
8.Alexander Tishkov  - Warm Summer Evening
9.Nils Frahm - Me (Mombi Vocal Rework)
10.Deeper Sublime - Japanese Garden 
11.Approaching Black - Nadi
12.Lemongrass feat. Jane Maximova - Deep River (Stuce The Sketch Remix) 
13.PNFA - A Break In The Clouds
14.Ven - Meditate (PROMO)

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Artistotle once said "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom". Ven is a living testament to this quote. When it comes to conscious artists most people think about microphones, backpacks, and turntables. Very few, if any, would expect to hear about self-awareness, meditation, and enlightenment.
Yet, this is exactly what Ven brings to the table in his music.
The 25 year-old from Boston is not just another conscious rapper, but quite literally illustrates his state of consciousness from to song to song.
Ven aids us in learning more about ourselves and where we are on the spectrum from lost to found. And from cloudiness to clarity, Ven serves as both guide and study model to the listener on a journey, not just through his music, but through one's own self.

Cover: Josie Lopez /

1.Prana Tones - Yearning for Love
2.DJ Maretimo - Cafe Internacional (Jazzy James Jr. Slowjam Mix)
3.Stargazer feat. Crystin - First Love (Remastered)
4.Florito - Saigon Morning
5.Ingo Herrmann - Our Silence
6.Avocado Combat - The Beach
7.Germind - Shimmering At Sunrise
8.Approaching Black - Foldup Chairs
9.Cj RcM - Lullaby for the Sun
10.Glasgow Beat Collective - Affaire de coeur (Raumstadt Ambient Mix)
11.Tom Strobe - Hazel Eyes
12.The Smokering - Skyscraper
13.Soul Fire Ensemble - Just as Well 
14.Tom Figgins feat. Tom Hobden - Retrograde (PROMO)

 ‘Retrograde’ delivers a more familiar brand of folk-tinged indie, that we associate with Tom Figgins. It fuses together the best of his eclectic influences, as the artist consciously returns to the textured sounds of his past. We are treated to pensive songwriting, infused with delicate string passages, soaring vocals and ambient guitar lines, as violinist Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale) provides luxurious harmonies throughout.

Cover: Katerina Radvanska /

1.Deeper Sublime - Femme Fatale
2.Vladi Strecker - Diving (Deep Sea Mix) 
3.Peter Pearson - Under the Summer Moon
4.Data Rebel - Plink
5.State Azure - Something Unseen 
6.Shirleysaid - Tales from a Chambermaid
7.Roberto Bronco - Don't You Worry Now
8.Gordon Geco - 2nd Sun
9.Eivissarts - De la Tierra
10.Living Room - Mahesh
11.Sieren & Synkro - Lost You
12.Mauro Falardo - Play For Me Dj
13.Stefan Torto - Ampoule
14.Domtron- Longwave (PROMO)
15.Honbul- Asura Break (PROMO)

What started out in 2014, as a means of labelling our events and creative endeavours, has quickly progressed into something much more.  From contacting underground artists we respect for the blog, to releasing music we believe in on our label based in Vancouver, Canada, the ADSR Collective aims to provide thoughtful content and commentary in today’s electronic music landscape.

Cover: JC Gellidon /

1.ReUnited feat. Anne Dorte Michelsen - En Ukendt Gl├Žde (Shazz Man Remix)
2.Autumn Storm - Backward
3.Tritonal feat. Shy Martin - Painting With Dreams (Nothing Like Them)
4.Tooks Wellcroft - Anyhow It Comes
5.Vladi Strecker - Source (Beachview Cut)
6.Jssst - Ambient Work 2
7.Tom Strobe - Smoke on Me
8.Raniero Gaspari - Afro Dub
9.Lemongrass - Desert Sand
10.Miper - Lose It All
11.Christos Fourkis - Lover In The Sea
12.Kaxamalka - Warm Sand
13.Pascal Dubois - Costa Del Mar (Silent Sea Mix)
14.Soni Soner - Universe
15.Vibraphile - Home

Cover: Benjamin Davies /

1.Blugazer - When Stars Melt
2.Mlab - 11th Prayer (Sonsez & Erman Intro Mix)
3.Five Seasons - Delphina
4.The Diventa Project - Crying Soul (Mazelo Nostra Mix)
5.Vertical Amigo - Peak
6.Amethyste - Dans Ma Memoire
7.Amethyste - Watermark
8.Fobee - Dreamwalker
9.Ad Brown - Shimmer
10.Sibewest - Train to Nowhere
11.351 Lake Shore Drive - You Don't Know
12.Lemongrass - Wonderland
13.Counting Clouds - Footprints (Beach Mix)
14.York Art Halpertin - Abyss (Chill Out Mix)
15.Kos Kastilio - Hammers Time

Cover: Arturo Castaneyra /

1.Logical Elements - Unearthly Destination, Pt. 1
2.Breezz Studio - Ornament
3.Lemongrass - Magnificent
4.Warmth - Odessa
5.KoolSax - Around The World (Sensual Mix)
6.Blugazer - Journeys Beyond (Chillout Mix)
7.Cantoma - Early Till Late
8.Zero 7 - Last Light
9.Musique Pour Des Montagnes - But, Just For Tonight, Pretend I'm Yours
10.Globster - Foucault
11.Bonobo - Second Sun
12.Novo Amor - Anchor
13.Rozza & Luigi Palagano - Es Vedra (Intro Mix)
14.Molniya - Lullaby
15.Sami Sivananda - Buddha Life

Cover: Latjo Kanel /

1.Tom Strobe feat. NV Prod. - Wonderful
2.Bliss - Sleep Will Come
3.Gushi & Raffunk - In Me
4.Blue Moon - Transposed Smiles
5.Sunyata Project - Words Of Vishnu (Ibiza Ethno Mix)
6.Ehsun - Aisa
7.Sunset Session Group - Sunset Groove
8.Lemongrass - Summer Fields
9.Christian Hornbostel - Love Supreme
10.Ambitus - Sanctus 
11.Mykel Mars - Angel (Chillout Mix)
12.Seven24 & Soty - Miss You
13.Daki 2000 - Nucleus

Cover: Simon Matzinger /

1.Bliss - Quiet Letter
2.Eugene Kushner - That I
3.Guardner - Like the Wind
4.Autumn Storm - Dreamland
5.Sphenoid - Sea of Loneliness
6.Saint Of Sin - Pearls of Tara
7.Lemongrass - Imagine
8.Mick Thammer - First (Mickeloungelo Remix)
9.Aimes - Grooving In Guatemala
10.A.R.D.I feat. Justine - Close Your Eyes (Chillout Mix)
11.Re:loom - A New Beginning (Lounge Version)
12.Charly McLion - Nights Of Rain
13.Don Gorda Project - Calm After the Storm

Cover: Patrick Hendry /

1.Lady Fanny - Never Let Me Down Again
2.Masan & Zen K. - Temple Of Light 
3.Jens Buchert - Motiongate
4.Gordon Geco - Hypnotic Ibiza
5.Enrico Donner - Modern Identities
6.Konstantin Astafyev & Seven24 feat. Kiwi - Follow The Wind 
7.Weathertunes - Beach Taxi
8.Lemongrass - Passengers
9.The Swan and The Lake - Clouds Over Osterbro
10.Luc Forlorn - Last Orders
11.Dopeman - Change of Seasons
12.Gordon Geco - Age Of Aquarius
13.Prana Tones - Parana Natha
14.Lemongrass - Deep River
15.Orbient - Agfa Color