Chill Out Session 72

I am Back! Now You can listen my newest chill sessions, this is nr 72 with a little bit different sound... eclectic. KoolSax, Neurotrgenic, Tobitob Sessionlab, Eva Pacifico, Olexa, Bonobo... New: you can download from mega : easy to use and also probably the fastest metode. (just agree with terms and conditions) Listen in full quality. Enjoy!

1.Olexa - Purification
2.KoolSax - During the Rain
3.Current Surrounds - Mercury's Love Maze
4.Neurotrgenic - Sleep tight silent night
5.Channel Two - Soul at Ease
6.Placid Larry - Dew Drops
7.Tobitob Sessionlab - Pool
8.Sygnals - Anamnesia
9.Bonobo - Cirrus
10.Eva Pacifico - Caliente (Lenny Ibizarre Remix)
11.Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead



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