Chill Out Session 95 (Peter Pearson Special Mix)

1.Peter Pearson - This Way to a Dream
2.Peter Pearson - Soft Touch
3.Peter Pearson - The Eyes Have It
4.Peter Pearson - A Walk in the Park
5.Peter Pearson - No Strain
6.Peter Pearson - Through the Mist
7.Peter Pearson - Day Dream On
8.Peter Pearson - Getting Warmer
9.Peter Pearson - Drifting By
10.Peter Pearson - Can't Stop This Dream
11.Peter Pearson - Cooling the Pace
12.Peter Pearson - Carried Away
13.Peter Pearson - Slowly Does It
14.Peter Pearson - Beachouse Dream
15.Peter Pearson - Bewitched
16.Peter Pearson - Close
17.Peter Pearson - Chilldown
18.Peter Pearson - A Shade of Blue
19.Peter Pearson - Not Till Dusk
20.Peter Pearson - Let's Take It Slowly
21.Peter Pearson - Starlight And Roses
22.Peter Pearson - Love in the Air
23.Peter Pearson - Apres Sun
24.Peter Pearson - Free Ride
25.Peter Pearson - I Can Hear the Summer
26.Peter Pearson - Lingering Dreams
27.Peter Pearson - Summer Memories
28.Peter Pearson - Heart in Motion

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About Peter Pearson
Born in London 1947, qualified as a Doctor 1970, and subsequently became a General Practitioner until retirement in 1997. He dabbled in guitar (with brother, with whom he still collaborates), piano, and songwriting (with sister) in an earlier life, and played keyboards in a blues band (Blue Shift) in the nineties. After retirement from medicine, Peter was then able to concentrate on his other great passion- music composition.
He completed "Music for the Media" course, obtaining a Diploma in Media Composition, and was awarded a Diploma in Music (composition) by the WMF. He was a winner in the 2007 UK Songwriting Contest, Music Aid Awards 2007, Unisong 2009, and a runner up in the 2010 UK Songwriting Contest, instrumental categories. He collaborated with and received much guidance from Nic Rowley. Several of his pieces have been published by Music Libraries, and some released on record (Bloodsugar Records, SubHz).
Peter's chief influences have been Elgar, Rachmaninov, Ray Charles, Burt Bacharach, John Barry, Francis Lai, Michael e, and his french mother, with much enlightenment from his daughters. A curiously diverse combination that may explain his equally diverse styles, that crosses the genres of Easy Listening and Chillout, with elements of Ambient, Lounge, Jazz, Blues, light Classical and Rock.His primordial need in composition is to be emotionally moved- if there is no passion there is no music; his music is from the heart and an expression of his most profound emotions. He also feels a need to share his music, and strives to compose for the enjoyment of others.
Peter's compositions are mainly instrumental. Being essentially a keyboardist, his chief materials are keyboards and a computer, with occasional use of an acoustic guitar and accordion. His recording style is emotionally driven. and reliant on a human feel. Peter's other passions include wine, sun, nature and his family. He lives happily in the south of France with his patient and supportive wife.
As Francis Lai once told him: when music becomes a passion, it is an outlet that helps us surmount the imponderables of life.
All Rights Reserved to Peter Pearson!
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