Chill Out Session 100 (Anniversary Edition)

1.Al-Pha-X - First Transmission
2.Pretz - Chapel Stile
3.Don Gorda Project - Feeling Free
4.Purejunk - 1971
5.Bedrock - Beautiful Strange (Ambient Mix)
6.Chad - Wall Sitar
7.Krystian Shek - Black Chocolate
8.J Sasz - Wish
8.Eddie Silverton - Cooling Aims
9.Thievery Corporation - Holographic Universe
10.Five Seasons - Love Apple (Lemongrass Wet Dreams Remix)
11.Thomas Newman - Any Other Name
12.John Murphy - 28 Theme
13.Dzihan And Kamien - Homebase
14.Alex Dimou - Release Me
15.John Kitts Guest Mix>Luis Junior,Kiva - Now We Are Free (Gladiator Theme)
16.John Kitts Guest Mix>Alexei Zakharov - Lament Over You
17.John Kitts Guest Mix>Davide Leoonardo - Beginning The Journey (Original Mix)
18.John Kitts Guest Mix>Burya & Vestnik - Good Morning (Original Mix)
19.John Kitts Guest Mix>Jasmong - De Bonbon (Christmas In June Mix)
20.John Kitts Guest Mix>Brainwork - Eden
21.Dave Harrigan Guest Mix>Rank1 - Airwave (Aaron Static Remix)
22.Dave Harrigan Guest Mix>ATB - Ecstasy (Chill In Sunrise Version)
23.Dave Harrigan Guest Mix>Schiller - Ruhe
24.Dave Harrigan Guest Mix>Tiesto - The Tube (Cascarino & Lombardi Electric Chill Mix)
25.Dave Harrigan Guest Mix>Klangstein feat. Sine - Klangsien


John Kitts Guest Mix: 
CHILLOUT THERAPY is a multigenre chilled music project started by Jan Kryštof aka John Kitts based in Prague (CZE). The project is dedicated to promoting old/new/underground/commercial chilled music.

Dave Harrigan Guest Mix: 
Name: Dave Harrigan
Real name: Tamas Pohner
Hometown: Szeged, Hungary
National: Hungarian
Since 2011 the name Dave Harrigan has been heard in the chillout style. From his hometown where he was born, made his your ambient podcast, called Special Chill Session. First time he uploaded his session to Mixcloud and Youtube. He made some episodes with guest dj/producers, for example: Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi, Zetandel, Max Denoise, Seven24, Dinka and so. He played some live events in Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and so. We think the Chillout Scene accepted his name and his podcast. A year ago, he started his second podcast, called Sunset Limited. This is a monthly podcast with deep and progressive house tracks.

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