Chill Out Session 161

Cover: Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire

1.Papik feat. Wendy Lewis - Sunny
2.Sweet Velvet feat. Rainfairy  - True Colors (Chill Mix)
3.Anisina - Fortuna (Endless Chill Mix)
4.The Sheeran - Throwing All Away (Ed Van Harris Mix)
5.Massive Gold feat. Rainfairy - For a Moment (Sunset Kandi Lounge Mix)
6.Debora Vilchez - The Words You Said (Smooth Vocal Flair Mix)
7.Ely Bruna - I Like Chopin
8.Sweet Velvet - All I've Been Waiting For
9.Candee Soulchillaz - Lily Was Here
10.Feather And Down - Nothing Compare 2 U
11.Loveboat Angel - Hello Turn Your Radio On (Pure Mix)
12.Dana Delay - Video Games
13.Florzinho and Euphonic Traveller - Like the First Moment
14.The Blue Hammock - Wonderwall


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