Chill Out Session 357

First Hour / Regular Chill Out Episode
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.The Cinematic Orchestra - The Workers of Art
2.Florent Campana - Take Off
3.Frank Borell - Electric Fusion (Reactor Mix)
4.Eddie Silverton - Possibilities
5.Don Gorda Project - Desire And Illusion (Reality Mix)
6.Robert Babicz - Morning Kiss
7.Odyssey - Evening Chill
8.The Midnight - Arcade Dreams
9.Frank Borell - Future Patch (Space Chill Version)
10.Faro - Underneath The Sun
11.KoolSax - Serenity (Relax Mix)
12.Soul Avenue - One by One
13.Lukas Termena - Let Me Try
14.CaPa - Bit by God (Eskadet Remix)
15.Peter Pearson - Precious Moments
16.Dreamscape - Dessert Mystique
17.Enigma - Shadows In Silence

Secondary Hour / Simon Le Grec / Special Mix
mixed by: Zoltan Biro

1.Simon Le Grec - Forbidden Love, Pt. 2
2.Simon Le Grec - Midnight Lounge (De Paris Mix)
3.Simon Le Grec - In Your Arms
4.Simon Le Grec - Forbidden Love 3
5.Simon Le Grec - About Us
6.Simon Le Grec - Silent Tears (Late Night Mix)
7.Simon Le Grec feat. D. Guttenbach - Where Is The Love I Am Looking For
8.Simon Le Grec - Let Me Love U
9.Simon Le Grec - Affairs
10.Simon Le Grec - Unique
11.Simon Le Grec - U Don't Know me (Trip Hop Mix Instrumental)
12.Simon Le Grec - Decisions
13.Simon Le Grec - If I Could
14.Simon Le Grec - She s All I Ever Had
15.Simon Le Grec - Signs
16.Simon Le Grec - Lost In Your Arms

Artist of the Week : Simon Le Grec (GR)

Simon Le Grec (Simon Chouridis) is known as an Dance and Chillout music producer. With 20 albums, multiple appearances on top-class Chillout/Electronic compilations, Simon is considered one of the most active and established artists of his genre. All his albums reached the Top 10 official German Chillout Charts. His music is played worldwide on established radio stations focusing on Chillout and Electronic music.

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© All Rights Reserved by Simon Le Grec
Cover : Slava Stupachenko /